Sometimes you can't make it to church. We all get sick or go out of town. Sometimes you might just want to watch it again or tell your family and friends to watch. No worries, you can watch all of our sermon series online, right here.

An Honest Conversation About Race

A conversation about race and faith with our Spring Hill Campus Pastor, Ebony Lovely.


February 2, 2020

The Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness isn't really about what we can find in "likes". There is much more to fulfillment, and it can only be found in God.


January 5-26, 2020

Vision 2020

Where we have been and who we have become. Let's be great at who we have become.


December 29, 2019

Advent Conspiracy

Recovering the meaning of Christmas.


December 1-December 22, 2019

The Last Teaching of Christ

Have you thought much about what and why Jesus chose to talk about in the final days of his life? We have, and we believe that he was very careful and clear about what he wanted to say and leave his followers before the cross. We think we need to pay close attention as well.


October 6-November 24, 2019

Just Jesus: Are You Sure?

We often think we want to hear teaching that is soley focused on Jesus. "I don't want to hear all that other stuff. Just give me Jesus!" Do we really know what we are asking for? This series is about many of the hard teachings of Jesus. Following him requires more of us than we want to hear.


September 1-29, 2019

Say Yes!

A series about saying "Yes" to serving God in the church and in the community.


August 4-25, 2019

At the Movies

Our annual series sharing spiritual themes and life lessons from current movies.


July 7-28, 2019

The Most Ignored Verse in the Bible

It's not what you think. Philippians 2.


June 30, 2019

A Noble Task

Churches need great leaders. This series looks at some of the characteristics and traits of godly leaders in 1 Timothy 3.



The Prodigal God

A series about probably the most well known story Jesus told that reveals God as one who can't wait to celebrate with those who come home to him.



The Hope of Easter

The resurrection of Jesus means he is alive and changing our world

today. Because of his resurrection, we will be resurrected some day

as well. 

April 7, 2019


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